Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Banoks on Camus Street

Category: Grilled / BBQ chicken & seafood.
I do not know what is going on but June has not been a good month for eating out. First let me say that I do not make appointments, call ahead or tell the eatery that I will be doing a review of their Establishment. I do not receive free food or anything extra to write a good review. I tell it like I see it and if the owner or management does not like that then maybe they should look at correcting the problem. I really do not like writing negative reviews and that is maybe why I am late in writing for June. I will not hide the truth and will always tell it from my experience at these establishments.

Lets talk about Banoks. Their are nine Banoks in Davao. Six are company-owned and three are franchisees. The two on Camus Street are franchisees and one in Toril. I have eaten at most of the Banoks and you can tell that the two on Camus Street are not up to the standards of the company-owned restaurants.

I normally go to Banoks next to People's Park because it is open all day. The Banoks on the corner of Ilustre Street and Camus street does not open until 5:30PM. I have had some good food at Banoks next to People's Park. The wife and I went there on June 12, 2008 looking to have a good meal. To our surprise that did not happen. When we walked in the staff was playing grab-ass and the music was as loud as the stereo would go. Their was no customers in the restaurant and the waiter tried to sit us in the corner next to the CR. I told him I wanted to sit up front by the door to get some air. The tables were all dirty with left-over food and dirty dishes. I ask if he could turn down the music a little. My chest was pounding from the music. He said we should try upstairs that no customers were there. We went upstairs and the music was even louder which I find hard to believe. Back down stairs and again ask if they could turn the music down. I got the deer looking in the headlights from the staff. I ask to talk to the manager and was told he was not there and in school. When the cat is away the mice will play. I could tell the staff did not care if they had any customers, so we left and went to try The Lighthouse across the street.

Camus Street, Davao City

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