Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coffee Bar at Gaisano Mall of Davao - Cheaters

Category: Coffee Shop of CHEATERS...
The Coffee Bar is located on the second floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao and was one of my favorite places to have coffee at the mall. Times have changed because of the cheating by the staff of customers at this coffee shop. I normally go there two or three times a week and the staff says I am a regular customer. I have been over charged many times by the staff. They always have some lame excuse. Two days ago (June 22, 2008) I did not receive my change (P35) and two of the staff said I did. I know I did not receive it. I did not get a receipt which I always keep for the wife to keep track of my spending and had no change in my pocket. I was in a lot of back pain from an accident and wanted to sit down and forgot to get my change. All I can say they were very lucky. I will be back to take care of this matter.
It seems that the Department store runs or has something to do with this coffee shop. I will find out and if I have to I will go all the way to the top.
All I can says is that this is far from over. It is not about the few pesos, but the principal. I worked hard for my money and why should I let someone steal it from me.
BEWARE: Do not trust the staff. Count your money and make sure you are not over charged. The best advice would be to go some where else for your coffee.

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